LinkedIn Hacks to BOOST Your Bottom-line: The 5-Day Challenge

Day 1: Get Visible

Kick off your day by visiting and like, comment, or share updates that you think your network would find interesting. Your connections will see you as a trusted source of relevant information.

Want greater impact? Space out the time you conduct this task … 5-minute intervals, 3 times daily (morning, mid-day, and end of work day).

Day 2: Know Your Network

Building a professional network is useless if you don’t invest time to get to know who’s in it. Schedule 3, 5-minute conference calls with 1st level connections you’ve never spoken with before. During the call, take a genuine interest in them and ask “what’s 1 specific way I can help you today?”

Calendly is our “go to” resource to efficiently schedule conference calls!

Day 3: Share An Update

Generate quality leads on LinkedIn. Share 1 Update today that’s unique, relevant, and encourages clicks.

At a loss for what to share? Think industry news, a trend, fun fact, or business update. And, don’t forget to use photos, videos and @Mention for greater engagement.

While time of day is important, the day you post also matters. Avoid weekends, Mondays, and Fridays [when many people are recovering from and/or preparing for the weekend].

Day 4: Who’s Looking @ You?

Check “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”. See unfamiliar faces or ones you haven’t been in touch with lately? Don’t think “stalker”, think supporter. Let them know you saw they recently viewed your profile and ask “how may I help you?”
Recall Day 2 activities and schedule 3, 5-minute calls to explore the possibilities.

Day 5: Help Someone

Write a Recommendation for 1 of your LinkedIn connections. Or, if you’re
pressed for time, endorse 10 connections.
Proactively recommending and/or endorsing a connection is a great way to show your support, to maintain a strong connection, and [most importantly] to validate their expertise.

WARNING! Only recommend and/or endorse colleagues for the skills you’ve personally seen them demonstrate.

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