Kelly Leonard

catalyst speaker/trainer

I encourage and equip audiences by providing practical, actionable content and strategies to help individuals achieve business success and organizations to shape values based enterprises that support positive individual, community, and societal transformation.

compass small business ambassador

I leverage my passion for the marketplace by hosting programs like Small Business Network, LinkedIn Local, and the Kingdom Business Tour. These events bring business leaders together to network, collaborate, and share best practices that stimulate economic development.

connector linkedin strategist

I have personally trained 6,500+ business leaders to successfully use LinkedIn for branding, business development, and recruitment. My B.O.O.S.T.® methodology helps clients Build Their Brand, Optimize Relationships, Obtain More Leads, Secure Thought Leadership Space, and Tap into New Markets.

Let’s rewind a bit …

I studied Accounting in college and became a CPA [thanks to my good test-taking ability], but quickly figured out I didn’t have the personality of a typical accountant. That realization along with the gruesome hours resulted in an eventual career shift to corporate training. In the world of training, I discovered that I had an innate ability to connect with people at all levels of an organization so for 20+ years I had the privilege to serve in government, non-profit, private and public industries [including Fortune 100].

Over time, I’ve learned that cultivating relationships and helping others achieve what they want in life and business is my purpose. People are my passion!

What else fuels me?

Faith. Family. Finance.

A few fun facts …

  • Married to a real-life superhero. No, really. If you know him, you’d agree!
  • Parent two amazing teenagers who keep me grounded; reminding me that I’m not as cool as I think I am.
  • Lead a team of certified instructors and coaches for a global, non-profit that provides Christian entrepreneurs with comprehensive training, coaching, and access to capital.
  • I love acronyms, like A.L.I.V.E.® and B.O.O.S.T.® both of which I trademarked.
  • Helped T-LC [a company I co-founded with my husband] generate $500,000+ in new consulting revenue in its core business (CRM) in a 24-month period through LinkedIn leads.
  • Taught B.O.O.S.T.® methodology to more than 6,500 super smart people in a short, 5-year period. Among them were Lawyers and Teachers and Business owners. Oh my!
  • To feed my inner Oprah, I launched an award-winning television program to help business leaders to connect, collaborate, and spur economic development in Metro Washington, DC.

What frustrates me?

Mean people!

My life’s purpose?

To add value to people’s lives…
People like YOU [assuming you’re not mean]!

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